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By: J. Ressel, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas

Despite an identical libido arrhythmia when sleeping purchase perindopril master card, bald men are likely to have fewer lifetime sexual partners than nonbald men blood pressure guidelines 2015 cheap 2 mg perindopril visa, reflecting reduced physical attrac tiveness to potential partners [21] hypertension va disability rating buy perindopril with american express. Several studies have shown that the negative selfperception of balding patients appears to be consistent between western [63 arrhythmia practice tests purchase 2mg perindopril otc,64] and East Asian cultures [65]. However, there is evidence that perception by others may compound the psychological problems suffered by balding men. Of note was that a perception of bald men looking less attractive was found in more than 90% of subjects surveyed. Such negative perceptions may further impair the social functioning of balding men. They may describe a loss in volume of the ponytail of up to onethird, and there is commonly mild bitemporal recession. Scalp biopsy is not required in women who present with loss of hair volume either alone or associated with increased hair shedding. Other potential differential diagnoses, albeit rare, include alope cia areata incognita and systemic lupus erythematosus. A triple biopsy procedure performed on the vertex rather than a single horizontal biopsy increases the likelihood of reaching an accurate diagnosis. Investigations Diagnostic techniques the hair pull test, handheld epiluminescent microscopy and global photography are valuable in the diagnosis and manage ment of this condition. The hair pull test (described earlier in this chapter) is usually used to assess a hair cycle disturbance, such as telogen effluvium, and may be normal in pattern hair loss. How ever, an increase in easily extracted telogen hairs may be found in active pattern hair loss. Scalp dermoscopy in the early stages of pattern hair loss reveals contrasting hair density between the midfrontal and occipital scalp. Over the occipital scalp it is common to see two or three terminal hairs of equal fibre diameter emerging from a single infundibulum. In comparison, the number of terminal hairs per infundibulum is reduced to one or sometimes two over the mid frontal scalp and the total number of infudibuli also reduce over time. When two hairs emerge from a single infundibulum on the midfrontal scalp, one is often noticeable thinner than the nor mal hairs indicating miniaturization of the follicle. In advanced hair loss, dermoscopy is valuable in demonstrating the nonscarring nature of the process. Management As pattern hair loss is not lifethreatening and the morbidity is variable, most people do not seek treatment. Some patients simply attend for a diagnosis, and when the currently available therapies are discussed, decline treatment. Without therapy, pattern hair loss is progressive, although the rate of progression is extremely vari able. Before a patient embarks on therapy he or she should be coun selled carefully and made aware of the requirement for mainte nance therapy for sustained effect. Camouflage and wigs Camouflage is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way of deal ing with mild pattern hair loss. Camouflage treat ments involve either adding small fibres held in place electrostati cally or dyeing the scalp the same colour as the hair to create the illusion of thicker hair. Although many of the newer agents are water resistant, if the hair becomes wet in the rain the dye may still run. For many women, an alternative to a full wig is a smaller hairpiece that can either Investigations in women In the absence of clinical evidence of hyperandrogenism, extensive metabolic and endocrinological workup is not routinely necess ary. Women with a history of menstrual disturbance, impaired fertility or signs of androgen excess should be investigated for hyperandrogenism. Because interwoven wigs lift as the hair beneath grows, they require periodic adjustment. Wig hair is composed of either synthetic acrylic fibre that withstands wear and tear very well, or natural fibre (usually Asian or European human hair). Natu ral fibre wigs look better, are easier to style and last longer, but are considerably more expensive. Wigs can be styled and washed, and modern wigs provide excellent coverage that looks natural. A drawback of wigs is that the head may be hot in the summer, and some patients find them difficult to wear for this reason. Medical management Established medical management for pattern hair loss consists of antiandrogens, 5reductase inhibitors and topical minoxidil. Although improve ment may be seen after as soon as 4 months, 1 year of treatment may be required before a clinical response is apparent. Minoxidil is a piperidinopyrimidine deriv ative and a potent vasodilator that is effective orally for severe hypertension. When applied topically in a lotion or foam vehicle, minoxidil increased terminal hair density in up to 30% of indi viduals [75,76]. Terminal hair appeared to regrow at the margins, but complete covering of the bald areas was seen in less than 10% of responders. De Villez [77] suggested that men who responded best to minoxidil were those in whom the balding process was at an early stage, with a maximum diameter of the bald area of less than 10 cm, and in whom the pretreatment hair density was in excess of 20 hairs/cm2. The benefit is most pronounced in the first 6 months of therapy and thereafter is marginal. Topical minoxidil appears to be a safe therapy with side effects only of local irritation and hypertrichosis of the temples, and a low incidence of contact dermatitis [78].

In most cases this means transplanting hair follicles from the occipital scalp to the balding areas blood pressure chart record format order perindopril 2 mg free shipping. Other techniques high blood pressure medication and lemon juice purchase perindopril us, such as excising the balding skin (scalp reduction) and rotational flaps are now less widely used arteria princeps pollicis buy perindopril 8 mg amex. Surgical treatment can achieve very satisfactory results but careful patient selection and surgical skill allied to the aesthetics of scalp hair growth are essential blood pressure medication that starts with a purchase 8mg perindopril free shipping. In white people, fair hair gives a more natural appearance than dark hair (which exaggerates the contrast with the colour of the scalp skin). Less common problems include infection, post operative bleeding, scarring and arteriovenous fistula formation. Those with a mild degree of hair loss are less suitable as are those with involvement of the occipital region. It is common after a physio logical stress such as severe illness, and with druginduced hair loss. During pregnancy, anagen duration is prolonged and hair cycling into telogen is reduced. Postpartum, a large number of follicles cycle into telogen together and increased shedding is noticed some months later. This is also seen in androgenetic alopecia where telogen effluvium commonly precedes visible balding of the scalp. Exogen does not necessarily initiate the onset of anagen and tel ogen follicles may remain empty for weeks. It occurs in animals with synchronous hair cycles during shedding of their winter coats. Sinclair Definition and nomenclature Telogen effluvium describes an increase in the shedding of telogen club hairs due to premature termination of the anagen phase of the hair cycle. It refers to the shedding of club (telogen) hair in disease states of the follicle. Kligman argued that whatever the cause of the hair loss, the follicle behaves in a similar way with the premature termina tion of anagen. To establish a cause, a history is required to identify known triggers, biochemi cal investigation to exclude endocrine, nutritional or autoimmune aetiologies and, in persistent cases, histology to determine if there is evidence of the earliest stages of androgenetic alopecia. The duration of the hair shedding at presentation helps predict those patients in whom further investigation will have the greatest yield. Moult wave persists indefinitely in many mammals; how ever, in humans, synchronous hair growth disappears in child hood. Rather than episodically shedding all 100 000 scalp hairs over the course of a few months, adult humans tend to lose 100 or so hairs each day [2]. Scalp hair plucks reveals that an average of 86% of plucked hairs are in anagen, 1% in catagen and 13% in telogen. Data from the analysis of horizontal scalp biopsies puts these figures at 93% of follicles in anagen and 7% in telogen [3]. According to these biopsy data, if the average number of scalp hairs is 100 000, then 7000 hairs should be in telogen at any one time. In approxi mately a third of cases of acute telogen effluvium, no trigger can be identified. Acute telogen effluvium is commonly attributed to emotional stress, but the evidence for this is weak and there is no evidence that suggests the stresses of everyday life are sufficient to induce diffuse hair loss. The patient may be particularly aware of increased loss on the brush or comb, or during shampooing. If the lower rates of shedding are continued for only a short period there may be no obvious bald ness, but if shedding occurs at higher rates, diffuse reduction in telogen effluvium 89. In acute telogen effluvium, it is usually strongly positive for telogen hairs at the vertex and the scalp margins. However, a negative hair pull test does not exclude the diagnosis of telogen effluvium. The trichogram analysis of a hair pluck sample usually shows more than 25% of telogen hairs in acute telogen effluvium [1]. When an obvious explanation exists for recentonset telogen effluvium, expectant management and observation is appropriate. Histological examination shows no abnormality other than an increase in the proportion of follicles in telogen. Chronic diffuse telogen hair loss refers to telogen hair shedding persisting for longer than 6 months.

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Patients with few blood pressure medication problems buy perindopril 2mg online, clinically stable blood pressure normal high purchase perindopril with visa, noninflamed lesions (nodules or sinus tracts) are most suitable for localized surgery arteria world aion discount perindopril 8mg amex. In severe disease when entire sites are involved with multiple interconnecting sinus tracts blood pressure medication and adderall purchase generic perindopril line, the only curative method is excision of the entire area involved. The margins of excision in the reported case series range from 1 cm up to the excision of all hairbearing skin of the affected region. For extensive anogenital disease, this may therefore require multidisciplinary collaboration with plastic surgery and, where a temporary colostomy may be required, with colorectal surgery. Particular attention should, however, be paid to mobilization of the affected areas in order to avoid the development of postoperative strictures, especially in the axillae. Radiotherapy In selected patients with particularly recalcitrant disease, radiotherapy may be considered. Fractionated radiotherapy has been described as effective in the older literature. Hidradenitis suppurativa: viewpoint on clinical phenotyping, pathogenesis and novel treatments. Gammasecretase mutations in hidradenitis suppurativa: new insights into disease pathogenesis. Combination therapy with clindamycin and rifampicin for hidradenitis suppurativa: a series of 116 consecutive patients. Pathophysiology Predisposing factors Inflammation results either from the hair being cut too short, so that it may retract into the follicle and then directly penetrate the follicle wall, or from hair left to grow for a few days after being cut or shaved, such that the hairs curve backwards and penetrate adjacent skin [1,2]. Curly hair is more liable to both of these aberrations, so that the condition is very common and more severe in those with tightly coiled hair [2]. Skin folds or irregularities due to scarring may allow ingrowth of straight hairs. Any shaved surface in either sex may be affected, but the male beard area is naturally the most common. Both plucking [4] and waxing [5] of hair, particularly on the limbs in women, commonly lead to pseudofolliculitis. Pseudofolliculitis is particularly troublesome in the Armed Forces, where strict grooming standards demand clean shaving [2]. The exact prevalence is not known, although between 45% and 83% of African American men are thought to be affected [2]. Pseudofolliculitis has also been reported as an adverse drug reaction to oral minoxidil [7]. Introduction and general description Pseudofolliculitis is an inflammatory follicular and perifollicular foreignbody reaction to hair trapped beneath the skin surface as may occur from penetration or retraction of the cut ends of hair into the skin following shaving or as the result of disturbed hair growth following plucking or waxing. Areas particularly affected are those most frequently shaved including the beard, pubic areas and lower legs. Epidemiology Incidence and prevalence Pseudofolliculitis of the beard area is very common, with reportedly up to 80% of African males being affected. Pathology Penetration of aberrant cut ends of the hair into the follicle or surrounding tissue results in acute inflammation, microabscesses and foreignbody giant cell granuloma formation. This may be achieved by adjustment of individual shaving technique, or by specially designed razors [8] or electric clippers. Hair removal with chemical depilatories or topical eflornithine hydrochloride cream may be helpful for some patients, and there is evidence that the combination of eflornithine and laser is better than laser epilation alone [9]. Clinical features Presentation the condition typically manifests as multiple small papules and pustules on shaven skin, particularly in the beard area. The skin of the neck and over the jaw is most commonly affected, although the cheeks may also be involved (Figure 93. Papules may be large and may scar; keloid formation and hyperpigmentation may ensue. It is generally possible to identify some penetrating hairs but they may not be visible in all cases. Where there is clinical doubt, it is sometimes possible to extract a coiled hair using the tip of a sterile needle. In cases where sites other than the beard area are affected, a history of shaving, plucking or waxing should help to clinch the diagnosis. Differential diagnosis Bacterial folliculitis including sycosis barbae and dermatophytosis. Avoiding shaving can allow the skin to recover, otherwise intermittent treatment may be required.

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Angioma serpiginosum with oesophageal papillomatosis is an Xlinked dominant condition that maps to Xp11 arrhythmia ecg interpretation perindopril 2 mg low cost. Estrogen and progesterone receptors are not increased in generalized essential telangiectasia zithromax arrhythmia purchase 8 mg perindopril amex. Hereditary benign telangiectasia: image analysis of hitherto unknown association with arteriovenous malformation blood pressure 40 year old woman order 2 mg perindopril amex. Recurrence of unilateral naevoid telangiectatic syndrome following treatment with the pulsed dye laser heart attack young squage mp3 cheap perindopril express. Radiological demonstration of the relationship between calf varices and saphenofemoral incompetence. Nomenclature of the veins of the lower limb: extensions, refinements and clinical application. Trends in the incidence of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: a 25year populationbased study. Role of race and sex in diagnosis and oneyear follow up of deep venous thrombosis. A critical appraisal of non invasive diagnosis and exclusion of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in outpatients with suspected deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism: how many tests do we need Determinants and time course of the post thrombotic syndrome after acute deep vein thrombosis. Validation of air plethysmography, photoplethysmography, and duplex ultrasonography in the evaluation of severe venous stasis. Healing of venous ulcers in an ambulatory care program: the roles of chronic venous insufficiency and patient compliance. Nevertheless, surprisingly, many patients suffering from leg and foot ulcers never receive an adequate clinical, vascular and laboratory examination and a rational treatment concept based on a valid diagnostic assessment. The majority of patients with chronic wounds can be effectively treated and healed, and those with refractory lesions can be helped with palliative measures. They Introduction and general description Venous leg ulcers are the most extreme manifestation of chronic venous insufficiency. Venous pathologies involve the deep vein system and/or the superficial vein system and perforator veins. Gravitation, upright walk and dysfunctional venous ejection during leg motion or dysfunctional venous drainage due to obstruction. In later stages there are irreversible changes, such as severe forms of lipodermatosclerosis (with a leg shape of an inverted champagne bottle) and atrophie blanche (grade C4b). Chronic and recurrent proteinrich oedema and aseptic inflammation induce fibrosis and tissue hypoxia. It can occur spontaneously as a result from dermal and epidermal hypoxia, or after minor trauma to the trophically predamaged gaiter area [1]. The incidence and prevalence, however, have been investigated exclusively in western nations. Predisposing factors Predisposing factors include family history, obesity, standing occupation, venous thromboembolism, varicose veins, ankle joint ankyloses and neuromuscular diseases with an impact on venous calf pump ejection. The subpapillary veins are elongated with wall thickening (pseudoincreased due to more crosssections of tortuous vessels) (Figure 104. The chronically inflamed and fibrotic dermis expands, to the cost of the subcutis. The fascia is thickened and fibrotic; the leg muscles may show fatty degeneration. The ulceration itself is nonspecific, exposing fibrin and/or biofilm layers, granulation tissue and a mixed inflammatory infiltrate. Complications and comorbidities these include chronic pain and impairment of quality of life, local wound infection, systemic infection and sepsis, infestation with maggots (fly larvae), secondary squamous cell carcinoma and secondary lymphoedema (periulcer lymphoedema and/or foot and toe lymphoedema). Deep venous reflux/obstruction and/or postthrombotic findings can only be examined with duplex ultrasound. The wound size and its morphological qualities should be documented at every visit. Electronic photographic documentation systems along with their software allow for photometric wound surface area measurement to objectify the healing process.