Character Profiles:

While visiting the town of "The Childrens' Corner", located in the World of the Magical Couch, these are some characters that you may well encounter:

A Slouch

This is a mischievous character that lives in the World of the Magical Couch. He is lovable, fun loving, simple minded and never thinks before he acts. He lives for the moment, never thinking of what the consequences may bring, and does not learn from his mistakes. A Slouch will eat anything, but their favorite diet consists of the schoolbooks of children who don't do their homework. He speaks in simple sentences, and always in rhyme. He is forever causing problems for children as well as creatures in his world, and must constantly be monitored. A Slouch is orange colored, with a rounded nose, long red tipped ears, with black hair in bows. They wear suits with tails and have a Kangaroo type appearance.

Melvin The Great

A great magician who owned the Magical Couch. Melvin lived approx. 100 years ago, and through experience and knowledge, became very wise and learned. Having acquired the Magical Couch from a mysterious antique dealer from the Far East, he discovered a world within this couch. One day, he placed his magic pink bag, which he used in his magicians act, on the Magical Couch. The magic between the Magical Couch and the pink bag jelled, and the pink bag became the doorway into this world. Melvin entered this world, where he lives to this day. He is very wise and learned, and teaches the wonders and mysteries of the world around us. His vocabulary is extensive and uses big words when he speaks.


Rick is an eight year old boy who would rather play and have fun, than do his homework or chores. He has leadership qualities about him, that come out and surface when problems arise. Rick can become discouraged, and needs positive support no to give up. He's intelligent and learns from his mistakes. His best friend is his next door neighbor, Mildred McGee. Mildred McGee, (Milly), accompanies Rick when he is faced with an adventure, with a problem to solve.

Mildred McGee (Milly)

Milly is an eight year old girl, who is loyal to her friends and is always willing to help. She is bright, intelligent and responsible. She always completes her homework and school assignments in a timely manner, and is a good influence for Rick. She is not a quitter, and will often offer Rick support, when he becomes discouraged. Milly is a red haired girl, with freckles and glasses.

Mary Hearken & The Rennies

Mary Hearken is a "Renny", and lives in "Prominence Providence", a shire located within fantasy forest. Fantasy Forest lies to the east of the Cave of Time, and connects to the hills behind Slouchville. This shire is filled with people that live in the renaissance era and they wear clothes from that period in time. Some of these people, including the children, have handicaps such as hearing impairments, etc. . Because of this, all of these people, including Mary, use sign language while talking verbally, and also use sign language, when being spoken to, interpreting what is being said to them. Mary is the head school teacher for the "Rennies", and often wanders outside of fantasy forest, into the various towns in The World of The Magical Couch. Mary is between 20-30 years old, has long blonde hair and a thin build. She has an English accent and is between 5'6"" and 6' tall.


These are creatures that live in the World of The Magical Couch, in the town of Grockshire. They are cute, polite, helpful and are keepers of the Slouches. They are intelligent and fun loving, each having a number, as there are a lot of Grocks, and this helps them keep track of each other. They wear red shirts with yellow bow ties and gloves. Each has an unique personality. Grock One is the leader of the Grocks. They help children in our world, when a Slouch is giving them a bad time.

Grock One

Grock One is the leader of the Grocks. They keep the Slouches in line when they start to get out of control. He is a main character in the "Slouch In The Couch" stories. All of the Grocks are numbered as per their ranking in "Grockshire."


The Weazit's are all policemen dressed in blue police uniforms. Their badges are stars, with Chief Weazit being the leader. They are authoritative and are slightly suspicious of others. They look like half ant and half man and have four legs. Weazit's live in the town of Itsland, with the Whozit's, Whyzit's, Wherezit's and Whatzit's. They also police the town of Grockshire, as well as other various towns in the World of The Magical Couch, and help the Grocks catch mischievous Slouches when needed.

Frankie Goodprankster

Frankie Goodprankster lives with the rest of the Pranksters, in the town of Prankstown. The Pranksters are all clowns, and play practical jokes all the time. They're happy go lucky, and don't take too many things seriously. Frankie is the guard of the rope ladder, his post being a shack, which is right next to it. This rope ladder is the entrance and exit to our world up above. His job is to ensure that no creatures leave the World of the Magical Couch. Frankie is easily side tracked, which makes him a very poor guard.

Mr. Lu

(Furniture store owner)

A very old oriental gentleman. Nobody knows exactly how old he is. He is slightly hunch backed and is crotchety. He owns the furniture store that sold Rick's parents the Magical Couch. He is grouchy and easily excited. He is always interested in making a sale, and doesn't like children very much.

Bart the Shlox

Bart is a Shlox. A Shlox is a furry green creature, that looks kind of like a dog, but has no whiskers or tail. They have yellow wings, and live with the Pranksters in Prankstown. They live inside empty boxes. They are the sidekicks of the Pranksters, always joking with them. Bart is good friends with Frankie Goodprankster and Jenny Grumpion. He pretends to be serious, then makes a joke out of what he was talking about. When Frankie and Bart get together, they spend most of their time laughing.

Jenny Grumpion

Jenny is a Grump, and lives in the town of, "The Space of The Grumps". This town is located in the hills behind Slouchville. The Grumps are a hillbilly type of people, that don't have any shoes, and wear old, dirty, tattered clothing. They all have tall hats, that come down to their eyes. They are a very giving people, that will treat any visitor to their town like royalty. They compile presents, so they will be prepared to give when a visitor does wander in. Jenny is a little girl, with her best friend being Bart the Shlox. The Grumps work at a dam, that is located next to their town, and provides all the power to the World of The Magical Couch. The Grumps may be nice, but you must never jump on ones back. This creates a metamorphosis, and the Grumps become giants, with their faces contorted. Therefore, the only rule in this town is, Never Jump On A Grump.

Auntie Carol (the science lady)

Auntie Carol lives in the town of "The Children's Corner." She's an elderly person that is a little on the eccentric side. She performs various types of simplistic science experiments, and teaches health and nutrition. She is a comedic type of character, with some experiments at times not working out as they should on the first attempt. (i.e. an electrical experiment making her hair stand up on end, as she forgot a safety precaution. She corrects her mistake and performs the experiment correctly) Auntie Carol's best friend is Mr. Jelloptomous, the story teller.

Mr. Jelloptomous (the story teller)

Mr. Jelloptomous lives in the town of "The Children's Corner". He's a big man (weighs about 300 pounds), is under 6'00" in height, wears glasses, and is in his thirties. He is the story teller for all the characters that live in the World of The Magical Couch, and always has a book in his hand. He is happy, always smiling, and laughs a lot. He is a joking type of man, that never holds a grudge, says what he thinks, and will even joke about himself. This man has a high respect for food, and loves it when a Letter Chef comes over to his house to cook.

Letter Chefs

Letter Chefs roam the World of the Magical Couch teaching everybody how to cook various dishes. They are the word definers in the World of the Magical Couch. The Chef will think up a word and define it, then cook whatever that word made him think of. They call these words, the Letter Chef Word of Interest. You never know what word they will think of or what they will be cooking next.

Horace T. Morris

Horace T. Morris is the best friend (and sidekick) of Stephen J. . He is also the next door neighbor of Stephen J. . Horace does not live in the World of The Magical Couch, but will visit it from time to time, with or without Stephen J. . Horace is a male black, in his thirties, thin to medium weight and build, with black hair. He is easy going and likes everybody. His personality is childlike, which makes him very popular with the children. He's approx. 5'07" in height, wears clothes that are too big for him, and always wears a hat. He loves children, and often participates in children's games, such as tag, hide and go seek, etc. .


The Alphatelli's are the "best friends" of the Letter Chefs. There are 52 adult Alphatelli's. They're Italian, are cooks, and wear white cook hats and white aprons. They are little people and on their aprons is their identifying letter. (Alphatelli "A" would have an "A" on his apron, and so on and so on...) The adult Alphatelli's are in pairs, husband and wives, thus making 52 in all. Their children are the lower case letter "Alphatelli"s". The children are dressed the same as the adults.

Sheriff Stephen J.

Sheriff Stephen J. is the "host" of the "Childrens' Corner" and "Slouch In The Couch Uncut" childrens' television programs. He is also a band member with "The Slouch In The Couch Childrens' Corner Band". Though Sheriff Stephen J. was born in the World up above (earth), after finding the World of the Magical Couch, he became Sheriff and lives there. He jokes a lot and gets accidentally involved in a lot of The Slouch In The Couch adventures. Stephen J. is 5'07", 155 lbs., with white hair and blue eyes. He likes adventures, and loves music.


Whoozits live in Itsland. They look just like the Weazits, Whatzits, Wherezits and Whyzits, except they dress differently. They all love to play games, and wear clothes that show you the type of game they like to play. Games include everything from baseball to checkers.


Whyzits live in Itsland. They look just like Weazits, Whatzits, Wherezits and Whoozits, except they dress differently. They all love to sing, and wear clothes according to the type of music they prefer. Music includes everything from hard rock, to opera, to gospel.


Whatzits live in Itsland. They look just like Weazits, Wherezits, Whoozits and Whyzits, except for one thing. The LOVE to EAT!! Because of this, they are very fat, each weighing exactly 409 lbs. They usually have some type of food in their hand or in their mouth. They are very jolly, happy go lucky, characters.


Wherezits live in Itsland. They look just like Weazits, Whoozits, Whyzits and Whatzits, except for one major difference. They don't stay awake long enough to really be noticed. They LOVE to sleep. When they are awake, they are yawning, have droopy eyes, and appear very tired. Because of this, the Wherezits all wear pajamas or some type of sleeping attire.

Boris DaMean

Boris DaMean is a Stinkell, and lives in the town of Stankwell. He is not only a "stinker" of a guy, but is the Mayor of Stankwell as well. The Stinkells are the "bad guys" in the World of The Magical Couch. Whereas, Slouches are just mischievous, Stinkells are downright mean. Boris, is the worst of the bunch. They are also best friends with the Slouches. The Stinkells are bird looking characters with blue beaks. They are approx. 3 feet in height.

Grandpa Oldprankster

Grandpa Oldprankster is the oldest living Prankster that lives in the town of Prankstown. He is considered the wisest man there. He is jolly and loves a good prank. He is a clown character and is approx. 5'08" tall, weighing 170 lbs. The pranksters always go to him whenever they have a question that can't be answered, or there is a problem that has to be solved.

Elroy Slouchinski

Elroy is a boy Slouch that lives in Slouchville. He loves sports and is very curious. He is also one of the most mischievous Slouches in Slouchville. Elroy has a problem with obeying the rules.


Ferguson is a Slouch that lives with Melvin, in Melvin's castle. He is considered an outcast by the other Slouches, as he is different. The difference is: he is not mischievous. Melvin takes in the few Slouches that are like Ferguson and gives them jobs. Ferguson is Melvin's butler.

The Slouch in the Couch Crossword Puzzle


2 slouch, 5 mom, 6 blue, 9 rare, 10 mrlu, 13 brubaker, 16 candy, 17 rick


1 pop, 2 schoolbooks, 3 hemenway, 4 homework, 7 firetruck, 8 grockone, 11 milly, 12 grocks, 24 books, 15 pink, 17 red

Milly & Me & the Slouch go to Tea Crossword Puzzle


2 bed, 3 dad, 6 policemen, 8 rude, 9 pest, 15 ants, 18 lunch, 19 grockone, 20 sneakers, 22 poof, 23 lawn, 24 whatzit, 25 tunafish


1 recipe, 3 dress, 4 teapot, 5 curtains, 7 lunches, 10 tools, 11 deserts, 12 mildred, 13 mcgee, 14 whoozit, 16 sleeping, 17 rick, 21 weazit, 24 whyzit

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